All Occasions Club is a photographic experiment about redistributing the artist's archive and engaging in analog processes. The images featured represent photographs made on 35mm film and developed with one set of prints. At your request, we will send you the only edition. Once a photograph is gone, a new one will replace it.

Three works contributed by a guest artist are released on the first of each month. Former guests have included Joseph Thomas, Mike Bucci, Ian Fabre, o.k. Schwarz, Lindsay Shea Adams, Graham Holoch, Elliott Kaplan, Megan Cerminaro, Jes Espinoza, Rebecca Lukens, Eva Gibeau, Ry Allred, Brianna Kalajian, Liam Sanborn-Petterson, Parker Menzimer, Rebecca Goldschmidt and Bryn Robertson.

To view the full archive please visit our blog.

All Occasions Club was founded by Adrian Lee, Stuart Solomon, and Jacquelyn Stuber. Special thanks to Joseph Thomas.

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